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​Discovery Channel, Best Documentary, Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

Discovery Channel, Best Documentary, Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

Glenfiddich, Independent Spirit, Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

Glenfiddich, Independent Spirit, Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

2006 National Geographic Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

​London Australian Film

Festival (2007)

Featured • Film • 2006


A necessary and beautiful film

Kanyini looks at the world’s oldest living culture in a way that’s never been seen before. A tale of Indigenous wisdom clashing against materialistic notions of progress, Kanyini is not only a story of one man and his people but of the human race. It is also a story that is fundamental for understanding contemporary Australia, for only by knowing our past and our present can we dream of a future which includes everyone.

Melanie Hogan


Bob Randall


Lynda House

Executive Producer

Kanyini was born out of my desire to understand and connect with Indigenous Australians.

In my homeland, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people still seem to be confused about each other and are finding it difficult to journey together. Knowing this, Bob and I wanted to create a film (Kanyini) that helps to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous people closer together – not just in Australia, but all over the world.


Back when I made Kanyini (in 2006) and still today, I feel very strongly that many of the values held by Indigenous Australians could be of enormous benefit for society at large; particularly their care and respect for Mother Earth and all forms of life. In a world that is going a little too fast, Indigenous wisdom may hold some of the answers non-Indigenous people are looking for.


Hearing Uncle Bob tell his people’s heartbreaking story with such honesty and love, gentleness and strength continues to amaze me almost two decades later. Uncle Bob has sadly passed away now. I can still recall him saying to me that the hardest thing to change in the world is ‘negative attitude’. If Kanyini can help create positive attitudes, then we're on our way to healing some of the mistakes of the past. And that creates a good feeling.


Praise for Kanyini

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