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Melanie Hogan

Director • Writer • Producer


years as an award-winning filmmaker and director.


years creating impactful films for both public and private sector clients.


groundbreaking documentaries in remote Aboriginal communities.


award-winning movie distributed cinematically and globally.


award-winning book distributed globally since 2006.

I aim to combine my emotional storytelling skills with a strong business focus to ensure audiences feel connected to the intention of my films as well as the mission of companies I works with and their products.


It is important to me that I understand the intention behind all creative endeavours so I can co-create films with others that hopefully have a positive social impact.

About me

I'm an award-winning filmmaker who has worked extensively both for the private and the public sector including clients such as Carla Zampatti, the Australian Federal Government, the Australian Human Rights Commission, The George Institute for Global Health and First Aid Australia.


As an Independent filmmaker I've also written, produced, edited and directed my own documentary films that have premiered at the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Film Festivals before launching in cinemas around Australia through Hopscotch films and on television channels around the world including SBS locally. I'm currently co-writing and co- producing my first feature film.

My first career was in the corporate finance division of Macquarie Bank. I left the bank to study filmmaking in New York before being accepted into the directing course at the National Institute of Dramatic Art.


“To Randall and Hogan’s credit,

Kanyini is no simple exercise in finger pointing, but more an invitation for Australians to understand the innate and deeply felt link of the Indigenous to “mother nature’ as well as the reasons behind the endemic problems they now face.


Hogan has aptly described Kanyini as a ‘humanity lesson’ and this well, crafted compelling documentary achieves its purpose thanks to the genial presence of Randall. His message resonates, for while Australia at large may struggle to understand the pain of the past and its residual effects for the Indigenous population, Randall’s eloquence, warmth and brutal honesty brings us that much closer.”

-Jim Mitchell, Journalist
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