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Nyuntu Ninti

What You Should Know

In this beautiful photographic book for young children, Bob Randall explains, in a simple but effective way, the Anangu people's relationship to all that is around them, and why we must learn to care for the earth, its plants and its creatures. Based on the award-winning documentary KANYINI by filmmaker Melanie Hogan, NYUNTU NINTI, meaning "what you should know", teaches us about the people who are at the heart of our country.

NSW Premier’s Reading List Selection for Nyuntu Ninti (2019)

NSW Premier’s Reading List Selection 2019

A White Raven’s Selection for Nyuntu Ninti (2009)

A " White Ravens" 

Selection 2009

Children's Book Council Notable Book 2009

Children's Book Council Notable Book 2009

APA Design Awards Shortlist for Nyuntu Ninti (2009)

APA Design Awards


Book • 2011

For the first 22 years of my life I did not have any Aboriginal friends.

Uncle Bob and I made this book together so that children in Australia and around the world, could learn, from a very young age, what I was starting to learn as an adult.

Many of the values inherent in Aboriginal culture are just so beautiful. They are ideas and concepts that help you to feel very quickly connected to the web of life and to country and to all other life forms.  At the heart of the culture is connectedness and a deep sense of caring. You feel good inside when you first hear these ideas. You feel a deep peace when you learn how the animals and plants are part of your family too as you exist together on country.


I am so happy Nyuntu Ninti continues to be popular around the globe almost two decades after we first released it. Even though Uncle Bob isn’t here in a physical presence today, I can still feel his wisdom and I can still hear his voice in my kurunpa (spirit).

Nyuntu Ninti Cover

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